IR club Schweiz

Who we are

The IR club Schweiz was founded 1992 in Zurich under the name of the Swiss Society of Investor Relations to promote the interests of the IR profession among Switzerland’s publicly-quoted companies. All IR employees of the member companies are eligible to participate in the club’s activities. The IR club Schweiz currently has 82 member companies, accounting for some 250 IR professionals. About 80 percent of companies listed in the Swiss Market Index (SMI) are members of the IR club Schweiz.

Statutes IR club Schweiz (PDF)

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What we offer

The IR club Schweiz is an interactive forum for the exchange of ideas, the discussion of current IR issues and the development of practical solutions. We aim to provide members with best practice solutions and excellent contacts to investors, asset managers and financial analysts both in Switzerland and abroad.

To achieve these goals, the IR club Schweiz hosts four to five events a year to which all IR professionals of the members companies are invited. Specific themes are presented by selected speakers, followed by an open discussion. Providing an environment to build a network of IR contacts and exchange ideas in an informal setting is another essential feature of these events. In addition, the club regularly undertakes member surveys on IR issues of interest to the member companies.

The IR club Schweiz has been established as a non-profit organization. The board consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and other members, each of whom is responsible for investor relations at his or her company. The Board serves on a voluntary basis and without compensation.