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Workshop: Investor Relations Assistenz - Fit for the Job (offered by DIRK - German only)

Der Workshop IR-Assistenz – Fit for the Job richtet sich an Einsteigerinnen und Einsteiger im Investor Relations (IR) Bereich. Sie erhalten einen umfassenden Überblick über die Rahmenbedingungen und Treiber der IR und des Kapitalmarkts. Mit diesem Intensiv-Workshop vertiefen Sie Ihr Wissen im IR-Bereich und steigern Ihre Kompetenz als Assistentin oder Assistent. Sie lernen die Sprache der Investor Relations-Profis besser zu verstehen und unterstützen Ihren Vorgesetzten noch qualifizierter.

Nächste Durchführungen:

  • 06. / 07. Juni 2024

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Fundamentals of Investor Relations (offered by NIRI - English only)

Ramp-up your IR skillsets and join the alumni group of over 10,000 professionals around the world who have taken this introductory course offered by NIRI. This is the must-attend virtual 2-day workshop to begin your journey in the field of investor relations.

The comprehensive IR seminar offering a structured overview of all aspects of investor relations, including:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Finance

Delivered live two times each year, you'll participate in the leading IR education program for those new to the profession, or those considering a career change.

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IR Body of Knowledge (offered by NIRI)

This book highlights the 10 essential domains of practice areas that an IR professional is expected to be familiar with. It is a helpful resource for both certification applicants and IR professionals generally.


Financial Training Workshops (offered by NIRI)

A series of live, virtual financial training courses developed specifically for corporate communicators who need to tell their company's financial story. Choose which course or courses best suit your learning objectives, or take them all sequentially!




Dung Tran

Investor Relations Coordinator, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd, Allschwil


"The online courses from the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) exceeded my expectations with high-quality content, well-design workshop materials, engaging presentations, and up-to-date case studies. The broad course catalog and the flexibility of completing e-learnings allowed me to delve into topics of interest at my own pace, fitting them into my schedule. I have come to know about NIRI when I was talking to one of the board members of the IR club Switzerland. The cool thing about being a member is that not only do you have access to exclusive IR-focused programs on a discounted rate, but also receive valuable support, making this overall learning journey even more enriching. I highly recommend NIRI to anyone in the Investor Relations field, who aspire to excel and stay updated with industry trends while building a strong network."