Then and now - Interview with the first IR club president

In 2022, the IR club Schweiz celebrates its 30-year anniversary. Bernhard Fuchs, the first president of the IR club Schweiz, reveals the reasons behind the foundation of the IR club and his fondest memories of his time as president in a short interview.



When thinking back to the very beginning of the IR club Schweiz – what were its goals?

At the time, the IR community was very small and no formal education was offered. The goal was to provide a common networking platform for IR professionals who speak the same language, share ideas and exchange topics that come up not only in Switzerland but also abroad. Starting with some twelve members mainly representing SMI companies we intended to increase members by including small- and mid-cap companies to be part of the IR club.

What are your fondest memories of your time as the IR club president?

Once a year a member company had to organize the IR club event. How IR colleagues presented their own firm gave profound insights into other member companies. The event organized by Givaudan – a cooking class in which we were able to get a sense of how the food industry depends on Givaudan – was a great experience and a lot of fun!

Equity Trading back in the days (Source: Swiss Finance Museum SIX)


What are your tips for young Investor Relations professionals taking their first steps in the IR world?

I would definitely recommend to actively participate in the IR club so as to get experienced IR colleagues with whom you can discuss issues and topics of interest. Within the company the most important issue is to obtain the right information at the right time. The positioning of the IR department is very important to be able to receive all relevant strategic insights from the Board and management. One should ensure to have a constant dialogue with CEO, CFO and business unit heads. Internally you should make yourself visible. This will bring you more information on products and processes in the long run and make you a competent communicator to the outside community. With investors and analysts, a long-term relation always pays off – Don’t try to hide anything.

Equity Trading back in the days (Source: Swiss Finance Museum SIX)


What are you personally working on at the moment?

I am self-employed, working in various fields as Board Member and I am involved in project related work with fund management, real estate, logistics, education, construction and lately with bio-fertilizer. I also accompany start-up companies, support them in setting up business plans and consulting in strategic, financial and administrative topics.



Bernhard Fuchs has over 30 years of experience in the fields of Investor Relations, Finance, and Consulting. 

Back when the IR club Schweiz was founded, Bernhard served as Head Corporate Reporting and Controlling at Holcim Group and was later appointed Head of Investor Relations.