Global Trends in Investor Relations 2015: A Survey Analysis of IR Practices in Western Europe

Find below interesting results of the BNY Mellon study on "Global Trends in Investor Relations: A Survey Analysis of IR Practices in Western Europe 2015"

Key findings of the study include:

  • Time spent on NDRs has declined across the board; in terms of destination, Frankfurt has moved into the top five travel targets.

  • Western European C-suite officers outpace their North American peers in terms of numbers of meetings; they focus more on existing investors than do companies in North American and globally.

  • There has been a shift in the metrics used to evaluate IR effectiveness, from qualitative (e.g., quality of investor one-on-meetings) to quantitative (e.g., stock price), reversing a trend towards the use of qualitative metrics we had observed since 2010, although the use of qualitative metrics is still lower than in North America (the trend reversal can only be shown by referencing the 2013 global report).

  • A surprisingly low percentage of Western European IROs attend and present to Board of Director meetings versus the North American and global averages, and this is a significant drop since the 2013 survey; over half (54%) do not attend BOD meetings at all, compared to 45% of North American IROs and 44% of IROs globally.

  • Meetings of members of the Board of Directors with investors have increased noticeably since 2013, with about half saying they have a company policy to hold these meetings.

Download the results here