Nasdaq Investor Relations Intelligence
Issuers from all market caps, sectors, and regions partner with Nasdaq IR Intelligence to drive valuation, discover new capital and elevate their global brand. Our team of consultative experts and award-winning IR software provide clients with strategic actionable intelligence and unparalleled visibility into the capital markets for the long term. Combining Nasdaq's collective intelligence, expertise and data with premium financial content to maximize the effectiveness of their IR and ESG initiatives and enhance shareholder value.

Nasdaq Corporate ESG Solutions
Nasdaq helps companies of all ESG maturity levels through a unique combination of technology, tools, data, insights and capital market solutions. Our ESG Advisory Program provides a team of analysts to prioritize and guide your ESG efforts as well as engage stakeholders to secure ESG capital. Nasdaq OneReport is a secure, cloud-based solution for collecting, aligning, and sharing your ESG data. These offerings are backed by our own experience as a public company, applying and honing these practices over our tenure as a market leader.



Mike Keenan
Commercial Head, Investor Relations - EMEA
Nasdaq Corporate Solutions