Digital trends in SMI Expanded companies reveals prioritisation of CSR content

Research into the websites and digital presence of SMI Expanded companies has revealed that while 85% companies offer detailed CSR content on their company websites, only 20% of companies offer their audience an in-depth explanation of their business model. The findings come from a review of all SMI Expanded companies by Investis. It has used its IQ methodology, which benchmarks company websites against 200 independently-defined best practice criteria to reveal the latest digital trends.

Findings include:

  • 80% of companies present a good explanation of their governance on their website, with Credit Suisse offering a bespoke section of their website with in-depth information.

  • While most companies offer some form of ‘About Us’ content, some such as Givaudan provide compelling information that enhances the company’s business and investment proposition.

  • Only 50% of SMI Expanded websites are fully-responsive, meaning many companies are not offering a good user experience for visitors on mobile devices.

  • The majority of the SMI Expanded make only basic use of social media, but Nestle are moving ahead with dynamic social content and promotion across its website that further promotes the brand.

Companies interested in seeing how their websites perform against the IQ criteria can request a complimentary report. For more information, please click here.